On Sweden’s Coloured Pork: Shhhhhh!! Don’t tell the Middle East!!

There’s nothing like sitting down at your favourite restaurant, ordering your favourite steak (medium rare, of course!), and taking that first bite into it after a long, hard day at work. That sensation of satisfaction and being full makes you feel well-accomplished, in some strange way.

In Sweden, however, some people got a different kind of sensation: the distinguishable taste and feel of pork. According to the BBC, 3.5 tonnes of “alleged beef has been removed from sale because it turned out to be nothing more than colour-dyed pork.

You’d think they got the hint after seeing this pig, but I guess it’s not as obvious to other people.

While this seems like a perfect case for all you vegetarians and vegans out there to warn about the dangers of eating meat (some of which I am starting to agree with), I’d like to add a new element of concern: the Middle East’s reaction.
According to the BBC article, there is no indication that any of the coloured pork was exported to the Middle East. But if new information comes to light that there were such exports, ohhhhhhh man! You can expect several people to take advantage of that in the Middle East to warn about the “conspiracy of the West” to invade Muslim values and undermine the Middle East.

Especially where this comes so shortly after the Middle East protests over the Mohammed Youtube video. I have a feeling that somewhere out there, Swedish embassies are calling up a little bit of extra security just to be on the safe side.

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