Ten years on!

In January 2012, I had the idea of starting a blog to flush out some of the ideas percolating in my head. Over the years, it has evolved to become a more professional outlet, and although I don’t write here nearly as much as I would like, I have always looked at this blog as an incubator for some of the ideas and research that I do.

Now, in January 2022, it has served as a form of time capsule for many things. Some of them personal, while others more professional. I have often contemplated whether I should ‘blow up’ this blog and redesign it to be a new iteration of something more focused, but I can’t seem to find one thing that I need to focus on. I simply enjoy on commenting on the various subjects this blog has focused on.

Having said that, I lament not being able to post on here as much as I used to. Part of this is because of the intense pressures that come with running a legal practice full-time, while trying to get home on time to have dinner with the family. There’s also the question of this blog’s efficacy; it’s difficult to know sometimes whether these thoughts and analysis are really serving any purpose other than echoing in the vastness of the web.

I have heard from some of you in the past about some of the useful posts on here. Many years ago, I received a lot of feedback from students who found my series on passing the bar exam very useful, and that brought me a lot of joy. I am trying to speak more about the realities of practicing law, especially as a sole practitioner, to see if that has the same reaction.

But overall, I feel an incredible sense of achievement about reaching this milestone. A decade of existence is still an achievement, even if the last little while has not been as loud as the earlier years. I hope to build off this momentum, and make this project last another 10 years!


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