Our Purpose

This blog was initially started in January 2012 under the name “In Law We Trust” by Sherif Rizk. It was made in an attempt to reach a more global audience about a subject that was of interest to many people – that is, the intersection between law and politics.

As the months went by, the blog’s content reached a wider global audience from all parts of the world, and was engaging people in various capacities. From writing about Middle East politics and law, to Canadian political and legal developments, the blog was serving its purpose of being informative, thought-provoking and appealing to the audience.

In October 2014, the blog was re-branded as “Codified Law Blog“. The idea is to emulate the codification of law in order to regulate our society through the discussion of political developments and legal principles.

We are excited about the future, and hope that you would join us!



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