A Monastic Interruption!

Apologies for the delay in the posts. I was out of town for the past two weeks living in a monastery with no internet access (yes, I really am serious). It was a great experience, and it didn’t occur to me to at least make time-delayed posts for this blog in my long absence.

Clearly, the world hasn’t stopped turning and big changes happened in many different aspects of life. I don’t know whether to comment on the end of Sarkozy’s presidency, or the surge of enthusiasm that has taken over Egyptians about the upcoming presidential elections. Or perhaps I should mention something about my reflection on my first year in law school?

Either way, there’s a lot to talk about, but I think it’s best to simply quote the Red Hot Chili Peppers (or rather, Stevie Wonder) on this: the world keep on turnin’.

Stay tuned: there’s some really good stuff coming up!

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