Song of the Week!

Sorry about the late post, folks. Things are getting pretty hectic around here.

This week’s song is one that will hopefully make you think. I’m somebody who likes to think about song lyrics in a very profound way; a way that extends way beyond the mere duration of the song. That’s why you’ll find me putting a song on repeat for 10-20 times, depending on how good it is.

I can honestly say this song satisfies this requirement for me. The video made along with it helps this process along too. If I would take anything out of it (and I think it’s fairly obvious from the video) is to carry someone in any way you can. At least once this week or this month. You’d be surprised who needs you as a guidance post or a simple wall to lean on while they limp. Keep your eyes open and you’ll be surprised who you’ll find waiting for you.

Hope you like it as much as I did! (Also, happy one-month anniversary to my blog. I meant nothing in posting a song called ‘One’ on this momentous occasion :P)


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